How to get a coredump / stacktrace in Android device?


Yesterday, doing an update to my game, I found it works in PIE but crashes badly in device. I do not get any good reason for this in logs (only see it crashes after map loading starts).

I can not debug the game right now (I have tried several times but can not attach from nsight tegra plugin)

So I wondered how could I, at least, get a Stack Trace of the crash?


Do you have a solution now?

I have the same problem, do you have a good way to solve it now?

In the folder C:\NVPACK\android-sdk-windows ools there is a file, monitor.bat
Open this and a program launches. You can add a filter to filter the logs to UE4.

Here you can find logs from the android device there.

2022 Update

Android Studio logcat