How to get a collision sphere to be able to Overlap with another And to Not have it be selectable ?

Hello everyone

Since i’m making an rts i’m using to select my units the “get actors in selection rectangle” node to select my units.
The problem is that I need to have a large sphere collision to detect when there other units nearby. (Because I guess that if I get all units each tick and compare distances between them for all of them that would take too many ressources.)

But the problem is that the only setting I found so that the sphere doesn’t get selected is to make it no visible. Problem with that is that it also makes it not overlaping, so I don’t get any overlap event !

What workaround is there for this ?

Is there a setting to make something able to overlap without being selected by the “get actors in selection rectange” node ?

Hi man,
You can get the overlap event even setting the sphere to not visible
(just tested out, create a sphere make overlap all, check the overlap event , set hidden in game, and you still get the overlap event)

You can always run a loop to remove the sphere using a tag, or the the static mesh type …

I’m sorry but that’s not what I was asking.
It needs to not interact with the function “get actors in selection rectangle” but still trigger overlap events

loop the return of the "get actors in selection retangle " and remove the sphere, using tag or stuff