How to get a character to run through loops/up walls

I have moved from the unreal answers fourm from someones request in order to continue my quest. As seen below, i am trying to get through the Vehicle example’s loop as a pawn. It works fine until i get stuck on the straight wall bit of it. I have looked for ages to find a way to walk up it without messing up gravity, it being in c++, without using splines etc. Much thanks if you could help!

I had a look at it, and tried to run the project to test it but got this error. I’m guessing its incompatible with 4.18? If so, which version SHOULD I use? I looked at the forum page and apparently it only works up to 1.14…

Am i on the right track with the velocity thing? or for the % would i input my top speed?
(Yeah, so apparently its not just one more thing…)