How to get a Blueprint to change a variable in another Blueprint?

I’m trying to create a glue mechanic. I want to pick up an object, and when it touches the Glue_Bottle object, I want it to get the “Has Glue” variable set to true.

After that, I want the object with the Has Glue variable set to true become set in place if it touches another object that isn’t the Glue_Bottle object (or the player), after the player has let go of the object.

How do I make it so that if the player has let go of an object, it can change a variable in the to-be-glued object? Like changing “Is being held” to false.

Hi. For your purposes you can create a new blueprint interface with function Glue which sets HasGlue variable according your needs (or do something else). From the Glue_Bottle you can call a message named Glue then (you can found these messages in Class group of menu while adding a new node)


You can use any object as a target for the message but message will be actually executed only on objects that implement this interface.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. If I understand you correctly, I’ve already done what I needed to do (as I have a Blueprint Interface and call the message in the to-be-glued object’s BP–as shown in the images).