How to generate sln file from launcher downloaded source

When I download the engine I checked Source checkbox in the download options.I found a “Source” folder , but have no idea how to generate sln file without generate bat file

Hey Surtur-

If you are trying to generate the sln file for a project, you can right click on the .uproject file and select Generate Visual Studio project files. If the project uses code (started as a C++ project or as a Blueprint project with custom code added), this will generated all of the necessary project files and create the .sln in the project’s directory folder along side the .uproject file.


Doug Wilson

But how to generate a sln file for the engine itself?Is there a way that launcher downloaded source generate a VS project for the engine itself so that I can view the engine source code?Or did I understand it wrong,that the launcher didn’t download the engine source code?

If you’re using the launcher, then there is no way to generate an sln for the engine since it is already compiled upon download. If you create a C++ based project, opening the project’s sln will allow you to view the engine files, however they cannot be edited.

Oh,I see.I thought the source checkbox will give full access of the engine source like download from git.
Thank you.