How to generate on hit event without blocking player

I have a 2D game “BoostPad” that i am setting up. my game is top down and the object has a custom collision imported from blender (which is just the 2D model duplicated and then extrude up wards). what im trying to do is set up my player in blueprints to be able to boost. right now it works and once the player hits the object it boosts in the direction that i set it to, but i want the player to be able to go through the object (and collision mesh) before the player gets boosted, how would i do that?

if you want to “go through the object” you should set your collision settings so the player and the object can overlap eachother instead of blocking. If you wan’t more information, try to take a look at the documentation

you can set the collision to overlap, and check the “generate overlap events box” and use “OnBeginOverlap” instead of “OnHit”