How to generate mesh via Blueprint

Hi everyone. I’m trying to make an editor where the player draws something and then it makes a mesh from it.
For that, i need to create a mesh during run . Can someone help me please?


What you will need to do is store the details, then in construction script, generate a Procedural line of Meshes to generate what you want.

I would start by giving this a read:

Basically, what you are looking for is the Custom Mesh Component.

To load your mesh at runtime, I would guess you have to load from your file and fill in the FCustomMeshTriangle array from CustomMeshComponent (CustomMeshTris) as you get the data. Since that component herits from UMeshComponent, you also have control over the materials applied on it.

I’m not sure about the LODs, but you could get some tips from UStaticMeshComponent thats also inherits from UMeshComponent and supports LODs.

I hope this sets you on the right track!