How to Generate Mesh using Blueprint?

I have a vertices points. I have read somewhere, it is possible to generate mesh using Procedural Mesh Component.


The Procedural Mesh Component (in the engine from 4.8) is what you are looking for, it handles procedural meshes and even collisions. It works on packaged games too. The only thing that you have to be aware of that it does not get saved, so you have to build the mesh always, I had some folk that had problems because they built a mesh in the editor and once they hit the play button the mesh was empty. The component is similar to the Custom Mesh Component in C++.

There is a nice discussion that might help you.

First add a ProceduralMeshComponent to your actor, this is the mesh that you will use. Then in your construction script you would create the mesh using your data just calling Create Mesh Section (like here:

this is from the discussion I linked in the answer).