How to generate complex physics collision

Sorry if this is the wrong section for this question, I want to use a drivable car for my game but the default physics collision are very rough. I tried to regenerate the bodies with multi convex hull but again is not enough no matter how many max hull verts or hull count I add. Every time I got one hull with same shape.

Best way would be to use a custom simple mesh.
an alternative is to make bones for the mirror. Which also helps with making them breakable items…

“Best way would be to use a custom simple mesh.”
Separate mesh modeled in Blender or Maya?
Can I somehow change the shape of the generated collision to fit better? I can only add box, sphere and capsule which are not enough if they can’t be modeled and auto generated shape is not perfect.

you should be able to set a specific mesh as the collider.
The option is called copy collision from static mesh.

However consider this.
If you hit the sidebiew mirror on a mesh that has it sticking out, the car will clip onto the objrct and rotate toward it. When in reality a mirror would just break.

Thanks, that is what I looked for!