How to generate a random integer a single time?

I’m trying to create a function which gets a single random integer between 0 and 1023 and displays it in text form. With the setup I have now, when the text is displayed in game, the number changes every frame. Is there a way to set this up so the random number is only generated once? How would I do this?


Assuming this is in a UMG Widget Blueprint and GetText1 is bound to a text lement.

Add the EventConstruct event to your UMG widget’s Event Graph. During the EventConstruct call RandomIntegerInRange and take it’s integer return value and store that in a class variable.

In your GetText1 function you will grab the class variable and use that as the input for ToText(int) instead of calling RandomIntegerInRange.

Thank you!

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You generate an array and fill it with data, then you take a random number of the array position between 0 and the amount of data you have :).
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