How to generate a game only ".sln" file with a custom UE Build?


Using the “right click above project>Switch Unreal Version>Choosing custom build version” I got a new solution that does include both UE4 and Game, and while this is great to debugging, increases a bit the loading times and caused some acidents on VS while rebuilding all.

I already got a better behaviour by adding -rocket on some VS Options, but I would like to also get a Gameonly solution file to still working as I was used with Epic’s shipped releases (what also would help if I decide to revert the project to standard releases on the future).

I’ve read on the docs about use the GenerateProjectFiles.bat, but you also included on the instructions a lot of advice on “Don’t use these -commands, it will explode!”, so I guess that I could make a mess if I need to discover this by try and error.

Could you just give me directions about how to use this on cmd to get what I want? Also, from which folder may I have to run it?

Thank you.