How to gain acces to frame data for fighting game?

Fighting games need access to frame data in order to program attack and hit reactions. Is there a way to access this in blueprints or do the big dogs in the genre like Tekken and Street Fighter edit the engine itself in order to be able to work with frames with precision?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi! You can use event tick to work frame by frame. The event tick enter after each frame and return you the delta time between the current and the last frames. If you need more info feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply will test that out along with animation notifies.

Tested both and the animation notifies do the best however i was thinking more along the lines of this in the link below where you have something that can fire responses per frame of an animation

an example could at frame 25 make knee overlap grow/enable/move etc i understand i could just put a notify at frame 25 for that purpose but i would like to be able to have a continues output along with the frame number so i could run logic off of it , sort of a notify that is always notifying every frame of an animation that outputs the frame number as an integer.

Any and all ideas welcome how ever my c++ skills are out of date and i understand if this is something that dose in fact require some new stuff added to the engine ideally a Blueprint solution if possible

thanks again.