How to fullscreen preview window???

i’m talking about this:


How to make it fullscreen?

Pilot the camera and make the actual editor viewport full-screen? I mean, you’re full-screen, it’s not like it’s important which viewport it is.

It is important actually, thats why I’m asking. I have a character Blueprint that is a top down view and I need to set that BP on the scene, on second monitor so I get the view of the actual camera that I would normaly see in game.
And on the first monitor I would create the level. Thats why it’s important for this preview window to be fullscreen, so I can see what I’m doing

Why not run a Console-Command in BP-Begin-Play: r.setres 1920x1080 or 4k etc…
Depending on your Engine Version, add ‘W’ or ‘F’ at the end to center the window.

You can actually have multiple viewports open. Lock one viewport to whatever object you need and use the other to move it.

Although not full-screen, it can at least double the preview window.