How to freeze UE4 Editor Windows

Hey guys,
For some reason after every start or even minimizing the UE4 Editor i have to reposition my tabs.
I’m working on two screens and the left screen is primary my screen with the Details, World Settings, World Outliner, Content Browser and Modes tabs.
After a new start or minimizing the editor all the tabs are there, they don’t disappear… They are only going crazy so i have to reposition/rescale them every time.
Is there any way to freeze all tabs ? So they will stay always on the same position ? So far it’s the only editor i’m getting this kind of problems with.

Are your tabs locked into the layout, or are they unhinged? Have you also tried saving the layout to see if it sticks?

I don’t know what you mean by locked ? where can i find this option ?
Saving the layout didn’t worked…

When you drag the tabs around you can lock them into the frame, or keep them unhinged. You should see the option to do it when you drag it near one of the edges.