How to free thread pointer


I have a thread which is a custom object that intehits from FRunnable that i run using FRunnableThread::Create()

since the FRunnableThread::Create() returns a pointer to the created runnable, I’m wondering how do i free this pointer after it is done?

I’m new in cpp programming and I’m not sure if this pointer needs to be freed or not as i didn’t allocate it manually, it got allocated by FRunableThread class.

There’s an Exit() function on the runnable object that’ll get called when the thread finishes it’s job. I’m not sure if it can be used for freeing the thread pointer or, maybe i should store the thread in an array or something and call and free it from another function. also, is there any specific keyword in unreal engine for freeing the pointers? or just delete like regular cpp.

Thanks in advance.

Looking at the code I think the system handles memory management.

thank you.