How to format rich text UMG

Hi, I am using a data table to populate a UMG text box, seen here:

I want to be able to have paragraph breaks and bulleted/numbered list, like this:
<paragraph break>

  1. numbered list item 1
  2. numbered list item 2

Using the Rich Text text block, is it possible to do such? Is there a list of commands I can use? I don’t know what language it would use or even what term to search for that.

I use Excel to create a CSV which populates the data table, if that matters. I am thinking there is a way that I can just insert certain commands like <break> into the text and that should work? But what are commands like that called and where can I find a list of them?


Okay I figured it out but still have one remaining question.

Solution is to set the String in the struct as multiline. Then in the data table you can use the Shift+Enter as usual.

However, it would be nice to be able to add some commands directly in the text so that I can do all of the content creation in excel and not have to go through the data table in unreal to format things.