How to force texture to load as cubemap?

So I’ve spent half a day fighting to get a custom skybox to work without using photoshop. ( because I have affinity photo )

Essentially because HDRs are automatically converted to cubemaps on import it makes the whole process infuriatingly difficult.

Exrs are not automatically imported as cube maps and won’t work in the textureParameterCube node

dds files only work from photoshop ( which I don’t have ) using the nvidia plug
HDR files from affinity wont load in UE4

I happen to have a very (very ) old version of HDRshop which allowed me to save my exr as an HDR that UE4 recognised. Otherwise it would be impossible (as far as i can tell ) to make my own skybox . There really needs to be an option to define ANY image file as a cubemap ( like right click on an texture in UE4 and reimport as cubemap … )

lastly IMO there is no need to force skyboxes to be High dynamic Range ( that should be up to the game developer )

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