How to force device into landscape layout when playing?

Hi all,
I created a game and it is pretty much finished, only the last steps remain. I wonder how to force the device that will run the game to switch to landscape layout and don’t change when playing?
Thanks in advance.

There is an orientation setting in Android project settings. Set it to Landscape.

Thanks for the help. Now, if you have the time, could you look at my other question, regarding quality? I can’t really figure it out myself :frowning:
I have that under android development. The quality is bad and some buttons don’t work, even though they had no problem on PC. I used full BP.

Rotator changer is also available on your screen. So I think you should to be use these.

Thanks for the help.
I was fine with the fixed orientation. The bigger issue is that the deployed app’s graphics is ugly low res :frowning: Did mess around in the device profiles, set the scales to 1.0, even 10.0 but no luck.