How to force behaviour tree to use blackboard from AIController?

How to force behavior tree to use blackboard from AIController?

I want to be able to get/set from the blackboard in the AIController. I tried following the tutorial at but my behviouar tree and AI ctonroller are using different blackboards. How to fix?


I think I solved the problem.

Here is what to do:

  1. Create your desired blackboard asset.
  2. Create your behavior tree using your custom blackboard asset.
  3. Create a new AIController as in ( and have it use your custom blackboard asset from step 1 and set the behavior tree to your custom behavior tree from step 2.
  4. (This is the step I forgot), on your character class make sure in Components to se t it use your custom AIController created in step 3.

I hope this answer is useful to others. Also, if I missed something please let me know.