How to force and lock detailed graphics settings?

Is there a way to force/lock certain graphics settings other than not including them in the graphics settings menu and prevent them from being edited via .ini configuration files? For example, I would like to force at least medium quality DOF (depth of field) always be enabled as default minimum setting and call it on demand, as ability to disable it will ruin the intended effect of the gameplay.

Hey there,

You can hard set many graphics settings by using console commands, which will override any changes to the .ini config files.

To change DOF quality, use the “ExecuteConsoleCommand” BP node and type in “r.DepthOfFieldQuality=2”
You could run this on BeginPlay on your default controller class to override the DOF quality every time you run the game.

Check out this page to see a bunch of other graphics-related commands


Thank you very much. I’ll test it, see how it works and will report here, in case someone else will be looking for an answer to this question.