How to force a collision update?

I need to be able to force an update between the ThirdPersonCharacter and another actor,

I notice that once I add input from the controller - i.e. W A S D input, it updates the collision detection and puts the character where he ought to be. Is there any way to emulate this inside a BP so that it forces such an update?

Do you mean you’re not getting collision on begin play? That’s a bug in the engine at the moment. You have to move or also use an IsOverlapping check as well as the BeginOverlap event.

Not quite my problem but I think you provided the answer.

I’m using another actor to sort of shove the player character in a direction, the problem is that it only updates the collision between the two once I move. So, if I don’t move at all while the actor is trying to shove me, ill eventually clip through it entirely.

I’ll try the IsOverlapping check to detect if it starts clipping to try and force the collision update.

Thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile:

Instead of trying to force the collision update you can probably just add the impulse to shove when the overlap occurs?