How to Force a Character to Possess Gamepad

I am creating a marionette like puppet character which I always want to possess control over the gamepad. Hower, I cannot gain possession of the gamepad.

I’ve tried “Enabling Input” at EventBeginPlay, but this does not work. I’ve tried to set “Auto Receive Input” to “player 0” but this does not work either. This technique will work with an “actor” but not with a “pawn” or “character”. I need a character in order to create an animation State Machine for the puppet. Maybe I’m thinking about this too naively?
Any suggestions are appreciated.

I dug down deep and found some old experiments of my own and realized what I must do. While it is true that an Actor can gain control of the gamepad and similar resources by setting the “Auto Receive Input” to “Player 0”, I am not sure how, as a pawn or a character, how to possess these resources.

Since my actor is manipulating a an AnimBP, I must cast my actor as an instance of my AnimBP and then I could read and set parameters inside the AnimBP. I’m not sure how to cast my AnimBP to an instance of my ActorBP. Everything is working correctly now.