How to force a camera to be a specifc angle and distance from an object


I am trying to get a camera to rotate around an object at discrete angles and distances to said object (ex. 10 degrees horizontal and 35 degrees vertical at 1 meter). I am new to unreal and am having trouble figuring out how to do this. I am currently working with blueprints. i would also like the angle and distance to be variables for input, however I believe I have a good handle on how to do that part.

Bonus point follow up: I want the camera at each discrete location to be able to take a screenshot and record some info like say the specific angle and distance the camera was from the object.

Thank you for any and all help you all can give me!

For the location and rotation part:

Put any object in the middle, like a cube. Make it Hidden in Game.

Parent a camera to the cube. Now the camera has local location values that determine its distance from the cube.

Rotating a cube will set the camera angle.

After setting the angle, you can rotate the cube around global Z, which will rotate the camera around the object with your preset angle.

Thank you for that help.

I didn’t realize the cube rotation would move the camera.So, that will help me there. I’ll just need to figure out how to do that in the blueprint blocking space.

So lets say i can get this working correctly. Do you have any idea how to do the screenshot part?

IDK about screenshots per se, but maybe this will help? Unreal Render Target & Scene Capture 2D - YouTube

Thank you again.

That video helps in understanding how do that type of display but doesn’t really help in pulling that camera image into a blueprint script so I can have a screenshot generated from it. It has giving me some stuff to think about though :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to know if you or anyone else can think of other things to try as well. So please feel free to through out more ideas if you have or see any.