How to focus mouse on widget/hud?

Works basicly like i want, except when i open my Settings Menu, i can’t close it.
When i remove “Set input Mode UI Only”, i can open and close the menu. Problem is that when i remove the node “Set input Mode UI Only” i need to click on the widget first to be able to use the slider in my widget. Basicly i need to focus on the widget (“Set input mode UI Only”) does it for me but when i do use it i can’t close/hide the widget.

Ps i posted it on AnswerHub but i think AnswerHub is just dead, you can wait 2 Weeks for help and nothing :frowning:

See if this helps:


On the other hand, I find this a tad odd:

You should be able to click&hold on the slider and drag it with the mouse as default. Is this not the behaviour you are experiencing?

I do, but the problem is without the “Set input Mode UI Only” when i click on the slider and hold the LMB nothing works, basicly 1 click after opening does NOTHING, it basicly focus on the widget and the second click or any action “works”.

Do you need the “UI Only Mode”? If you do, try the following:

I am assuming that you are giving the focus to the widget that is housing your slider (the image is not showing what’s being targeted), you may be unnecessarily forcing the focus to a specific UI element - consider giving the focus to the slider itself. Or experiment with the Set User Focus I mentioned.

I had the same problem, and I’ve solved that in this way, hope It helps someone: