How to focus Depth of Field on a specific object


By default I have no special Post Process Settings. I would like to be able to focus the depth of field on a specific actor when it is clicked on, even if it’s moving. When I press spacebar I would like the depth of field settings to be cleared and back to normal.

Is it possible to focus the depth of field on an actor?

I have looked through this page
It’s kind of similar, but I only need it to focus on one object, not dynamically change between many different objects.

Any advice? Thanks!

Since you need to input a distance for DoF to focus at, you could use a linetrace to fire an event to the active object you want to focus on, and then adjust the focus distance in the Tick function by keeping track of that object; this way, you should be able to keep focusing on the object, even if it moves towards or away from you.