how to fly using the fps template ?

hi kids.

well, i’m stuck with this one.
i need the same kind of control as the default fly viewpoint, but using the fps, with its camera and attached mesh.

i tried messing arround with gravity and physics, but it doesnt do what i want.
i want my character to go straight in the viewing direction, even if i look up or down. like a ghost, if you wish…

so, what did i miss ?

Would you mind clarifying your question. So you want to implement free movement controls in the FPS template? Are you following a tutorial or some guide to do that? Do you have any code/blueprint that we can look at?

i’m trying to tweek the template to my needs. my blueprint is the very same from the first person character template. there isnt much in it. just a bunch of control inputs and the projectile spawn

to my noob understanding, it has something to do with gravity, because when i put my character spawn higher, it fell on the plane then moves on the ground.
but when i force gravity to 0, it still moves on X/Y at the altitude i set the spanw. plus it adds weird inertia.
so the problem mustnt be gravity.

Well when you ask, “how to fly,” flying is not as easy as one-two-three, turn the gravity off. Flying, in real life, does not mean having zero gravity, but having enough velocity to thrust the object into the air and maintain the altitude, usually by having higher air pressure pushing under, say, aircraft wings.

Luckily, you don’t need to know aeronautics to make something fly in UE4 and you can turn on a prebuilt flying system by enabling fly in “SetMovementMode”: