How to fixed a problem with convex collision?

this static mesh has convex collision, but it seems under the mesh.


Based on the complexity of the collision mesh you generated, you might as well use complex collision.

Do this:

  1. Remove mesh collision
  2. In collision complexity set “use complex as simpe”.

However, I don’t really know how much of a performance impact it has. You should check the documentation on than.

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Thanks for posting this here. This is helpful.

Just to post a useful link for other issues with collision, you can always create your own custom collision if the autogenerated one from UE is not what you need. You can follow this video and you can use the same trick with Blender, just need to group the meshes and export in the end. The mesh holding collision needs to be named with prefix UCX_ and if there are more than one mesh you need to group them and prefix the group name with UCX_

I folow your way. But the result is not good,some positions can walk normally,in some places, the foot will be inserted into the soil.

the terrain is a static mesh. I hope UE can generate complex collision,so my character can walk on its surface。

Are you using parallax or tessellation by any chance?

Not very familiar with this.Is tessellation can fixed this problem? If i can set collision in 3DMax, then import into UE, will the situation be better? So i can ask my colleague(a modeler) to have a try.

No, I was asking because tessellation can’t really have accurate collision. Was just making sure you didn’t make that mistake.