How to fix viewport navigation in Linux?

KDE 4.14.8
Centos Linux 7.7.1908
UE 4.24.1

Hi guys

How do you fix the viewport navigation in Linux?

When using UE locally the mouse works, and using a Wacom spins the viewport around uncontrollably.
When using UE through remote desktop, the mouse now spins the viewport uncontrollably too.
This might be a NoMachine remote desktop input issue…

Does anyone have some advice on this, especially now with a lot of remote work happening?

Thank you


Having the same issue over here. It bhaves the same way a wacome tablet behaves in applications that don’t support viewport nav with a tablet. The values sent by the pointer device seem to be extreme and the viewport moves and rotates incredibly fast.

Same issue. Here. It looks like using UE4 in a VM, remote desktop or anything that requires a virtualised pointing device, makes the viewport spin out.

Same here.
no solution?

Hi Uno, I haven’t looked into this in a while, but I never found a fix unfortunately.
I hope a solution is found at some point.

And TILL Today ALL programms running fine…ONLY UE mouse NOT ://
So HOW can ANYONE announce UE is working on LINUX !?!?

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same issue , lates build from UE 5.0.3 spinny wacom issue continues

anyone found any solution to this?? this is really annoying as I use a wacom only and don’t even hv a mouse