how to fix very low fps

so iam working on a big project and after i packaged the project i wanted to test and for no reason my “GPU Usage” was 60ms and my fps from 10 to 16 and i wasnt even renedring too much objects and it stuck like that… and when i knew that it was like i glitch i set the settings to the lowest possible it was still from 10 to 16 fps…“the game is set to 60 fps max”

Texture size, how much actors/meshes are in the viewport, material setups, blueprint code, a lot of things determine the overall performance. Thus, it is recommended to use low texture resolutions, spawn and despawn actors depending if the player is near or far. There are probably tutorials on performance optimizations, perhaps start there.


Simplify Collision on everything in the scene, and simplify Collision on any objects / actors moving through it…
If using traditionally heavy features such as Render-Texture / 2D scene-capture cams etc, use them sparingly…