How to fix transform/velocity issues when attaching to or detaching from moving actor?

I’m having an issue while attaching to actors/components when the parent actor is moving. In my level, there is a large elevator platform actor that is moving up. I’ve attached a turret actor to it that the player can possess and swivel around as they shoot at targets. The player is attached to the turret BP during possession. The turret is attached to the elevator on event begin play within the level BP and the player attaches to the turret right before they possess it.
So my issue is that when the elevator is in motion and I go to possess the turret, thus attaching the player to it, both the player and the turret “jump” upwards. When I unpossess the player from the turret, just the player will “jump” upwards.
[You can see issue here: Possess Moving Character Issue UE4 - YouTube][1]
I believe that the distance that the elevator has moved vertically is playing into this because if the elevator is not moving then there is no issue at all, everything works perfectly. If the elevator is moving, the player will launch upwards even further if they’ve been attached to the turret for a long time. The player will launch upwards only a little if I quickly unpossess after initially possessing the turret.
I’ve done quite a bit of digging online and haven’t found anything that really addresses my situation or is similar. Attaching the actors was necessary, because if I, for example, don’t attach the player to the turret as the elevator is rising, then the player will “fall through” the elevator. Same happens to the turret once I unpossess the player from it while the elevator is moving; it stays in position and the elevator passes through it. Attaching them to one another solved those issues.
If attaching actors isn’t the most appropriate way to accomplish this, I’m open to alternative approaches. Thank you!

Collision could be the problem. I would test this with char or turrets collision disabled to make sure it’s not the collision that tries to push the char away.

Hey, thank you for taking the time to reply. I had suspected the same thing but haven’t found a solution. If I disable the turrets collision when the character possesses it then the turret (with character attached) move upwards at a considerably different rate than the elevator platform. They move up faster. I then built in a padding of clearance to prevent any overlap between the turret and the elevator and the issue still remains. I can’t help but feel that the distance the platform rises in-between attaching and detaching from the turret is influencing how far they “jump” up. If I attach and detach without the platform moving everything works perfectly; no jump. If I attach and detach while its moving, the height of the “jump” will be larger when the character has remained attached to the turret for a long time and will be shorter if the character had only been attached to the turret for a very brief time. You can see that happening in the video I posted in the question, but let me know if I can visualize this issue another way.

Additionally, playing with delays, I can definitely tell that the jump occurs when we reach the “possess” node. So I’m realizing that my question isn’t correct. My issue isn’t with the attaching/detaching, its actually with possessing an actor that’s in motion. It might still be a collision issue of some sort but nothing I’ve experimented with has resolved it.

Hey all, I moved the dialogue to another post because I believe I am improperly blaming the Attach to Actor node in this question when the culprit seems to be how values are stored and shared through the Possess node…