How to fix this camera spawn underground?

My problem here is that when I go back in my CAR SELECTION LEVEL the camera spawns in the ground. Is there anyway to fix this?


You could use a PlayerStart or a Camera in combination with a SetViewTargetWithBlend.

Hey there @BeastNectus! I see that on the first level it worked out fine, but on the second entrance it failed. It seems like your CarSelect level is the same level regardless, so is the camera that is spawned directly from your game mode at a player start? If so all you’d have to do was move the player start up, though that wouldn’t explain why it spawns correctly the first time and not the second time. Could we take a look into the level and outliner for the car select level?

This is the outliner of CAR SELECT LEVEL.

This is the 2nd time CAR SELECT LEVEL outliner.

And this is where the camera my first camera is spawn its because of CarPawn.

Ahhhh so the question becomes why this only occurs on the 2nd cycle. This is odd because when you load a level, the 1st time you load it, it should react the exact same way the 2nd or 3rd times (except for level streaming, that gets to be a bit weirder). So to run some tests real quick, we have to figure out why it’s different per cycle. Does it shift even lower/higher when you go out to the menu and again for a 3rd time or does it remain the same?

There doesn’t seem to be a camera on your CarPawn BP so the camera your viewport is from is the baseline camera actor the engine spawns for you. Can you check it’s location at runtime in both situations so we can see if it’s moving or the level is?

Because my fix for this would depend on what’s causing it, in theory we could just slap a Band-Aid on it and have the camera always jump to a specific location, but if your camera position isn’t the problem, that won’t work.