How to fix the walking issue

Hey guys!
I’m having a problem with ue4. Before then it runs smoothly. But, not it seems so weird.
Why I can’t walk properly when I’m in a normal state? It works fine when I’m in combat mode.

I did delete some variables on tpcharacter, but that leave me no errors at all… Here have a look…

I’m willing to send you the project file and assets if you agree to help me…

When you imported the non-combat animations, were they designed for root motion?

There should be no different because the animation that I used is the default animation. As I said, it works perfectly until I delete the viewport UMG functionality. I didn’t change any of animation BP or the skeleton thingy.

I would like to help you by looking at the project but I feel I dont have the time to devote to it right now.
So it sounds like you are saying that certain UMG widgets have to be on screen for the character to walk normally and when you remove the widgets from the screen then the character walks strangely. Do you mean it animates wrong or that it moves through the world in the wrong direction or speed?
What do these UMG widgets do, just select options or do they affect the character somehow?

Also remember that a UMG widget can have collision turned on, which might get in your character’s way.