How to Fix the Steamworks Leaderboards

Hey guys, I don’t know if someone else already beat me to the curb with making a tutorial on this, but I figured this could help anyone still struggling with Steamworks thus far.

I’ve made a step-by-step tutorial on how to fix the issue of the leader boards not working properly. Right now, I am trying to get the update into the Unreal Engine GitHub so it will be ready as an update for 4.11 or bundled into the 4.12 release. Once that is done, my tutorial will probably for the most part lose it’s purpose with future versions of Unreal Engine.

Tutorial Article Link

Feel free to subscribe to my team at our website, there will be more tutorials like this including some on video as we (or mostly just myself) will be doing this often.

Hope this helps.

EDIT: I am not sure if this is the right thread to post this. if its not, please let me know and it will really help if I can find a way to add a tutorial tag to this thread.
EDIT 2: The website domain was changed last year to better represent my team. It is still available.

Any luck with this tutorial? I thought it would benefit anyone using Steamworks.

[MENTION=2316]Lord Iheanacho[/MENTION] Thank you! I’ve been looking for something like this. I’m unfortunately on 4.9 so it might not work, but I will at least give it a try over the weekend.

Thanks @Gmi! It warms my heart to know someone sees my work valuable. I honestly thought it fell into obscurity, partially due to Unreal Engine updating version and such. I was told it became useless in 4.13 due to changes in the engine that somehow broke Steam Leaderboard support (due to how the code is rewritten). I will find the time to update the code to work with future versions so it can maintain consistency next year. Here’s to hoping Epic Games will accept it into their built-ins. Will really save a LOT of hassle for those wanting Leaderboards on Steam without playing needle in the haystack with custom Unreal Engine source code.

Hey , can you tell me please if i still need to do this in 4.15 or it got fixed ?

The OP’s tutorial link is dead, has this tutorial been moved somewhere else?

I have updated the thread post to update the link as well as an explanation behind it.

We shipped a game with working Leaderboards in the Launcher version of 4.12, and they were working prior to that too.

What about them doesn’t work?

As stated in my article, the Steam Leaderboards were not working properly. It clearly works in general but would not actually add any entries or record them properly. I don’t know if this issue is selective (meaning it happens to some Steamwork games or gamers), but two clients I worked for during the time I made that tutorial had issues getting the leaderboards to work for their respective games and a quick research on the issue revealed that they were not the only ones, so I had found a workaround I did by modifying it in the engine source code. It’s not entirely reliable though as it does bring some other slight issues or so I’ve heard but it still worked desirably for the two clients.