How to fix the collision between different body parts?

Hello, I’m new to UE, and I’m trying to make some acting game demos. I have animation resources with self-collision, for example, the hand penetrates the torse. Is there any way to fix it in UE? Or I should fix it by hand in the animation files?
I’ve tried to use the physical assets to fix the collisions, while the default collision setting of character is just a capsule, and the physical settings in skeleton meshes cannot be used. Is there anything I’ve done wrong?

Hi @shinshiner! Welcome to the Forums!

Generally speaking, if your not using physics for your animations then updating the collision for the animations will not yield any results.

  • When looking at your animation sequences, do they clip?
  • Are these your custom animations?
  • If these are not your custom animations, have your made sure that your skeleton is perfectly (or as perfect as you can get) to the intended skeleton?

If the above questions do not lead to a solution, then definitely edit your animations.

Any additional information you can provide will definitely help solve your problem!

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Hi @ Quetzalcodename, thanks for your kindly reply.

I have a skeleton mesh and the corresponding physical assets from the market, and I retarget the animations from another character to it. The original animation is perfect, and there does exist some collisions when I preview the retargeted animations in the assets interface.

I tried to fix these by some physical settings, but I found no way until now …

Hey, @shinshiner.

If that is the case, then the animations should be adjusted or the character should be retargeted to meet the needs of those animations.

The least destructive course of action you can take would be editing those animations with additive layer tracks, which you can learn more about here:

Unreal Engine Documentation: Editing Animation Layers

I hope the above solution is what you are looking for!

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Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll try this!

Hello, sorry for bothering again, let’s just consider the simplest case. Say we have an animation sequence (original, not retargeted), but there are some penetration between hand and torse. Can I fix such penetrations with the collision bodies in physical assets? I try to use physical simulation, but the original motion will be broken…
Maybe adjust the key frames by hand is the only way?

Hey @shinshiner!

Unfortunately, unless the animation is physics based, adding physics collisions would not be able to solve the problem as you saw from using physical simulation.

If all else fails, creating a copy of and tweaking the animations themselves to compensate for the structure of your character will most likely be the best option. You can do so using the animation sequence editor.

You can find more information here:

Unreal Engine Documentation: Animation Sequences

I hope this helps point you in the right direction!