How to fix the blending between third person and animation starterpack issue

The issue is described in the video above^^^^^^

I fixed this issue if anyone cares, simply download this zip file >>>

It has the default mannequin mesh and the animations from the thirdperson template and the animation starter pack properly retarggeted, import it to your project, the mesh and animations.

Then recursively set the skeleton all to skeleton, except root, pelvis, and all the IK’s, they need to be set to animation.

Boom! Fixed… No more weird dipping.

Twitch live stream of me fixing it if you need step by step instuctions >>> http://

Hi John Galt, can you explain how you fixed that root bone rotation? I’ve tried to do this on some other animations which also have different root bone orientations… it seems to be a common problem with a not so common solution.


Same issue here. Thanks for your upload. But the Twich stram doesn’t work anymore.
Can you explain how to fix it. Is it possible to fix it in Unreal, without exporting it to external program? I already change some of the animations and I don’t want to start over just fix the animations that I already have. Thanks.

The third person template animations are fixed in UE 4.11 (even in the current preview) and are ok in older versions of UE that uses that blue guy instead the new grey mannequin. You could export the 4.11 animations and use it in 4.10. But that would not help you if you’ve modified the animations already. I’ve changed those (bugged) animations in UE4 as well and was able to fix it with Maya LT so I could keep my animation changes: Animation Blend Per Bool Issue - Weird Pop or Jump or something.. - Character & Animation - Epic Developer Community Forums - probably the UE 4.11 version of root and pelvis bone would even fit better now than the anims from the blue guy that I mixed with my modified grey mannequin anims.