How to fix that screen is so flickering

I created a project which is on ver UE4 26 then I changed from Ue4 to UE5.

Some blueprint works but my screen is so flickering.
Also, how come my widget is quite dark. I’m so annoyed.

Does anyone how to fix it?

The dark buttons problem is annoying… The UMG Button is based on the Editor button, so when the developers changed the defaults, affected a lot of projects.

Here’s how to get your buttons back to normal:

  1. Go to your Widget Blueprint and select the Button you want to fix
  2. Under Appearance->Style->Normal, set Tint to (1, 1, 1, 1) and set “Draw As” to Image.
  3. Repeat as necessary to for “Hovered”, “Pressed”, and “Disabled”.

I don’t know what you mean be flickering. Is it Z-fighting, like:

or does it look like it’s from the anti-aliasing?

I know TemporalAA can cause flickering, you can change that by seaching “TemporalAA” in the Project Settings and setting “Anti-Aliasing Method” to “MXAA” or “FXAA”.