How to fix texture streaming issue in output project?

Hi everyone, I have finished my project and have exported(using shipping mode) it. I noticed some texture in the output project was not what I saw in the editor. Here are screenshots of my problems. The first one is what I saw in my output project and the second one is what I saw in my editor. I thought this might be caused by texture streaming pool issue so I followed tutorials on youtube and have changed my texture streaming poolsize to 10000(ten times greater than what it was) and tried exporting the project again. Unfortunately, the issue was still there. Any help would be appreciated.



I found this with some textures.

Firstly, you need to change the streaming pool size at runtime, you can’t do it in editor and then export.


I also found this useful. Load the level, and then

PS: There’s no point in making the streaming pool bigger than the memory on the average user’s GPU.

Yes, you could do that.

Do you mean “event begin play” and then connect all these commands one by one?