How to fix Sound Bug in Vehicle Game at high speed

Hello Community,

my proplem is:
I changed the Engine settings of the Vehicle in its settings in the “advanced vehicle Blueprint Example” to have an higher speed an and to get more speed in shorter time like this:


But when I drive in Game and the speed goes over 93KM/H my sound gets quiter and when its over 100KM/H the sound is away.

How can I fix this?

I would be very pleased if you could help me.(Sorry for Bad english,i`am a german student)

The sound effect used for the advanced vehicle template is Engine_Loop_Cue. If you open that you will find it contains a Crossfade by Param node, which is what blends between different samples for different RPM values. You’ll notice that the last entry for it has a fade out distance start of 2500 and fade out distance end of 3000.

This is slightly confusing as these numbers don’t refer to distance here but the RPM that’s being passed from the vehicle to the audio component. This means that when the vehicle gets over 2500 RPM after you’ve changed the maximum it will start to get quieter. If you simply want to prevent this, then change both values to a very large number that your vehicle’s RPM should not reach. If you’re looking to extend the range of this sound with more samples then you would add more inputs to the Crossfade node and blend them together.

Hope that all makes sense.