How to fix resolution drop in UMG widget?

Hi, folks! I made some custom HUD elements to see how they’d look in Unreal, but I’m finding that they look quite different in the viewport than they do elsewhere on my computer. Here’s the health gauge and crosshairs I made:


And here’s how it looks in the viewport:

The axes in the crosshairs are broken/chipped and some of the segments in my health bar are invisible, even though they’re all the same size. Anyone know where this comes from and how to fix it?

Does it look this way when you play in a new window? I get artifacts on things that should be pixel-perfect when previewing in the editor. I think the in-editor game view is slightly stretching or clipping its render target under the hood to fit the weird dimensions of the window, and this screws with calculated texel sizes or something.

Also, make sure the texture’s compression setting is UserInterface2D (RGBA) - this should reduce compression artifacts that make it appear fuzzy/not crisp.