How to Fix output of Spacescape 0.5 for Cubemaps

When you are exporting cubemap images from Spacescape 0.5 it now has a setting for PNG export specifically for Unreal. Unfortunately it does not work correctly. :frowning:
But after a lot of trial and error (Holy hell the UE4 texture input is slow!) I got it working.

After importing into photoshop, assemble the frames in the order 1-6 left to right. Then:

  1. Rotate frame 1 90 degrees clockwise
  2. Rotate frame 2 90 degrees counterclockwise
  3. Rotate frame 3 180 degrees

Then export using the nvidia dds photoshop tools wait a bazzlion minutes for unreal to import it and you are good to go.

NOTE: I have submitted a bug to their site and it looks like it is pretty active so I would imagine it will get fixed soon but if you don’t want to wait try the above things.

Thank you Blue, You are my new saint right now!

I’m so glad this helped I wanted to FING pull my hair out figuring this out so I wanted to let people know how to fix it.

Just to let everyone know I worked with the creator of the skybox tool and he have fixed it to directly export the correct skymap dds that you can directly drag and drop into Unreal. This is awesome! Not sure when he is going to release it but I got to try out the prerelease version and it is really good.

Thank the lord blue

I found that with Unreal Engine 4.7.3 I had to do the following to make cubemaps from Spacescape 0.5.1 align correctly in Unreal 4:

  1. Use the Photoshop lineup method as described here:
  2. Place all the images in a row, no rotating 1-6.
  3. rotate image_6 180 degrees.
  4. Rotate both Image_3 and Image_4 180 degrees
  5. Swap positions of Image_3 and Image_4. (3 should be where 4 was, and 4 should be where 3 was)

I’m bumping this thread because this issue is still not fixed, and I hope this helps someone in the future.

FYI I managed to import the “Unreal DDS” into Unreal Engine 4.7.6 with spacescape 1.5.1. I think the reason why it didn’t work at first is that the file was too big.
According to this answer, it may not be bigger than ~85Mb. Image size 1024 works fine, althrough it took some minutes to finish the import.

But of course, the rotation is still incorrect and has to be manually fixed :confused:

This is going to sound strange, but I was able to fix this by doing the following (I didn’t feel like flipping in photoshop, etc etc, found this faster):

  • Create nebula/spacescape in spacescape, save as png file in a 1024 format, you should now have 6 photos.
  • Open up ATI CubeMap. You’ll see a colored sphere with sides. Now… Press 1 and then F, import related picture (star_right1), then 2 and F (star_left2), etc etc. Do this for pictures 1 through 6.
  • At this point, you should see your full spacescape picture, but it’ll be all out of order.

Now do the following:

  • Press 1 and then H (horizontal rotate)

  • Press 2 and then H (horizontal rotate)

  • Press 5 and then H (horizontal rotate)

  • Press 3 and then V (vertical rotate)

  • Press 4 and then V (vertical rotate)

  • Press 6 and then V (vertical rotate)

  • Click in the middle of the screen, and you should see them pop into alignment and should be whole now.

Save as DDS, import into unreal, should be gold.

AFAIK you just have to select the Unity export setting to receive correctly rotated images. Gonna test it out later and post a confirmation then.

I tried various export settings, however, I actually will admit I did not attempt to export as “unity” and exported as unreal. If that indeed is the “fix” to import to unreal that would sure be much easier than the above suggestion LOL.

I’ve been struggling with this issue for awhile and thankfully just found this thread. I haven’t tried the rotation instructions yet, but I’m going to that right now.

It seems like using the “Unity” export option from SpaceScape is NOT a fix. I just tested it out and still got misaligned seams when I put the images into Cubemap. Comparing the “Unreal” exported images with the “Unity” exported images revealed that they’re different from each other (example - the “front5” image exported with Unreal is the same image as the “up” image exported with Unity). Unfortunately, the Unity image names only contain directions and not numbers. One other thing to note is that Unreal naming uses “bottom” and “top”, while the Unity naming uses “down” and “up”.


Corse’s rotation directions within Cubemap worked! (but then it refused to save a 4096 DDS file and crashed).


I was finally able to get a 4096 DDS into Unreal by using Alexander Mejia’s Photoshop adjustment instructions that are listed above. The quality is less than optimal though, so I’ll be looking into how to improve that. Thanks for all the help and info provided in this thread!