How to fix my collision?

to make my plane move like it moves around while flying i need to create a separate static mesh with a plane.
The root “PlanePawn” has no mesh in it. The “Plane Mesh” is the moving plane ingame.
The other thing is that replication doesn’t work AT ALL, it’s somehow broken.

I can fly thru everything.

Rly? No one can help me?
My first thought was to move the Actor when the plane hits something but it doesn’t work for some reason.

Have you used the blocking volume and placed it around the objects you don’t want to fly through? Or messing with the collision settings for each pawn?

You are using the flying template for movements, I assume?
In that case, it might not be about the collision, but how the movement is made in that particular template movement set. I had to make a separate collision sphere around my character, which would then force controls acceleration to inoperate, and add an inpulse to the character which direction is calculated by the angle you hit the ground. Simply having a “block all” collision would not work as the controls would still override the character to move forward every frame anyway.

Still working on a version of Air Rivals? Interested in hearing about how you got movement working!