How to fix missing project modules?

Recently I overexerted my PC a bit and had to close UE4 through the Task Manager since the shaders were for some reason eating all my ram and CPU, unlike with the previous version. Now every time I try to open my project it goes like: you have missing modules => failed to compile=>Try rebuilding from source manually. How can i rebuild the source manually? This was only a test projest with nothing important in it happily so even if i cant fix it, it wont be the end of the world. But i wanted to know just in case for the future.

I’m guessing you have a Source folder with build files (*.Target.cs and *.Build.cs) and some C++ files. If so, you need to build them. If you’re on Windows, check out Setting Up Visual Studio documentation.

If this was a Blueprint only project, you wouldn’t have the issue.

I realize this is a few months old thread however I wanted to answer the thread because this is the first google result you see.

The problem lies within out of date [projectname].build.cs or similar configuration files when your attempting to launch the editor. To fix this issue open your visual studio project. Hit clean and then rebuild on your game project solution. There is no reason to rebuild the editor! Just your game files. This will reconfigure your editor to use the new options you entered and you can launch now. Best of luck future googlers!


You’re a god send. Thanks pal.

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So I have ran into this exact issue and am desperately trying to find a fix. Like OP i’m not super concerned with saving this project, but I need to know how to handle this for the future.
I am not able to find anything within VS Code that lets me “Clean” or “Rebuild” my code. I’m thinking maybe this advice was meant for VS Studio and not VS Code. Do I need to switch my project to VS Studio to make this work? I really appreciate any help, thanks.

So, I am also having this problem. I had recently added a plugin for 4.26.0 to UE5 Beta and why it let me is beyond me, but now I cannot open my project. The issue lies within the plugin I activated. But I cannot find the actual plugin that is stopping me from opening it…Went through the code a few timesI can find every other one…But the voice plugin. Driving me crazy

where can I find my visual studio project?


I do have this problem with a blueprint project. Your information is not accurate.

I know this is a very VERY old thread at this point but it is still a high google search result and I saw your question went unanswered. Yes you will need to be using visual studio or rider to work with unreal engine. While you can hack VS Code to kind of work with Unreal you should be using a full fledged IDE designed for compiling code.

Switching is very easy. Just open the .sln file with VS or Rider, next under the project settings youll find the rebuild option after right clicking on the project title!

Hey guys, if you are having the problem where ur not even getting an “.sln”, you gotta get the .NET thing with your visual studio. Figured that out after 4 long hours of searching up slightly different phrases on google, dont know if anyone will ever need this info from here since its kinda old but yeah, ue4 version 4.27 if thats needed