How to fix launcher? (Blank Display)

issue: The launcher only shows black colored window. no GUI no word. Total Black

Please help me… T.T How to fix this…
I’ve tried to use system restore and re-install it…
still not working…
but a day ago it was totally fine.


Read this. Maybe it help you

Thanks for your help.
Unfortunately nothing fixed the problem.

sample image

Hi ,

Could you make a report for this issue in the Installation and Setup section of AnswerHub?



Here is the report


It is said that if you are using teamviewer for example (or any similar off-site remote management software), turning it off, exiting the program. I had that black screen for example on launch of the Unreal Tournament. I turned off Real Player, OneNote too. Voila, not only did my screen finally load with what I’m supposed to see, I was able to join a match and play.