How to fix import fbx crash


I have some pleblems…
I can not import fbx animations and skeletons, that is exported Motion Builder(MB) and BVH(motion data) files.

i work following next step.

  1. some bvh files import MB

  1. Modiffying joint name (eg, reference → root, Hips-> pelvis, …)
  2. Export that file. fbx(ASCII)
  3. Import UE4.8.1 → fbx importer options ( atteched image)

Unfortunately, other options were a problem.
(Only using static mesh)

  1. Result is under the image.

How is this to be solved?

Thank you reading. T.T


You can import to UE4 only Skeletal Mesh. You need use retargeting for transfer animation from MB to UE4. In this video you can see basic workflow for MB and UE.

- YouTube

Or you can do retargeting in UE4

Thank you.