How to fix FBX Smoothing Groups Error?

Whenever I try to import an FBX mesh with a skeleton to UE4, there is this warning stating that there is no group smoothing in the FBX scene and to please enable it???

What DCC software are you using (Max, Maya, Blender, etc.)? There should be a check-box saying “Smoothing groups” in the FBX exporter options. For instance, this is how it looks in Maya:

Blender 2.73

Blender 2.73

I never used Blender, so I don’t know how it is set up there, but you can check out this thread: Blender 2.5 FBX exporter Smoothing group - Epic Games Forums

I am using blender 2.75 and when I export FBX I choose Smoothing by Face. It solves my problem.

What version of Maya is pictured?