How to fix 'EpicGames' is not a valid short file name on epic games installer

I can’t run the installer for either the EpicInstaller-6.8.0.msi, or the EpicInstaller-6.8.0-fortnite-c3aa39248e24457a986092fd3dbc1773.msi installation files. I’ve tried manually uninstalling all Epic Games related files because the automated windows uninstaller gives me the same “not a valid short file name” garbage. I believe this issue is because I moved my disk drive from “D:” to “F:”. I can’t put it back though so how do I fix this issue?

You’ll be needing to change the drive letter back to the normal state it was when you installed Fortnite by going into the bottom left corner of your screen, left clicking on the windows logo, go to ‘Disk Management’, then find the drive where you originally installed Fortnite and change the letter of the drive to X (X meaning what ever drive letter you originally installed Fortnite on, DO keep a note on what your drive letter is now so you don’t forget to change in back again) then going into control panel and uninstalling the game, once you’ve done all that, change the drive letter to whatever you had it on, then reinstall the game onto that drive

I’m no expert on this so don’t take my words for it but it should work, so that’s my solution