How to fix broken functionality for IOS in-app-purchases on UE4.16

I have a blueprint project with components of C++ in plugins added to the project with Unreal Engine 4.16.2, and I attempted to test in-app-purchases by uploading the project to iTunes Connect. I followed the documentation closely provided by Epic on how to setup in-app-purchases for IOS; however, the completion status of the purchase always returns as “not allowed.” I’ve researched thoroughly on how to fix this issue, since this is preventing me from submitting my app to the store, and there doesn’t seem to be a solution except for that it’s an engine bug. I can provide information on everything I’ve done so far to fix this issue, and all of the debugging I’ve personally done, but I wanted to know if there was an immediate fix that I’m just not aware of yet, or if this is a known issue that’s about to be fixed.

I have the exact same problem!
Help would be very appreciated!
Version: 4.17.1

In another AnsweHub post, a dev recommended to change the bUsesStoreV2 flag in the IOS.ini file to false. It apparently worked for some; I haven’t had a chance to test it out myself yet. (Other AnswerHub post: iOS In-App purchases on TestFlight come back as "Not Allowed" - Mobile - Epic Developer Community Forums)

Just use these:



I wanted to bump this answer here. This was the golden ticket that got it working for me.
Thank you so much!