How to fix animation without root motion?

Ok I have an animation along with a character from mixamo. The animation doesn’t work correctly. The camera doesn’t follow it and it kind of goes off screen then snaps back. Also when I try to turn the animation it bugs out and does a full 360. Now I know I’m supposed to use root motion but my root bone isn’t set up correctly, so that doesn’t help me. I did, however, have this problem before and was able to fix it without root motion. I think I enable something but Icant remember. Anybody know how I did it?

Mixamo animations don’t have the correct bone’s and therefor can cause issues if you haven’t linked them in the correct way. I don’t think the root motion option is what you need, you need to add a root bone into the character itself or manually re-adjust the bone’s on the rig (something like that).

As for root motion this is what I found online, the primary benefit of root motion is your character follows the movement curve of the animation .
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The primary benefit of root motion is your character follows the movement curve of the animation. This means if your animation has variable movement speed, the character SHOULD adjust their speed accordingly. This allows the animator to have full control of the movement speed. An example of this would be a single animation that has the character running forward, stopping, and then starting to run backwards. When using root motion, the feet of the character should plant at the proper time, without any modification. This is obviously the desired behavior, and it saves the programming team the time of having to procedurally re-create the variable speed of the character to keep the feet planted.

The primary downside to root motion is the game engine needs to support it in all of it’s systems. In the case of Unreal 4, Root Motion is NOT supported on the Navmesh out of the box, so any root motion done will not check the Navmesh to see if the position being moved to is valid. Root Motion is also limited in multiplayer in Unreal 4. This is because the default movement replication system works best with a more constant movement speed. It is easier to predict movement in multiplayer when the movement speed isn’t fluctuating all the time.
from unity - Reasons to not use Root Motion - Game Development Stack Exchange

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So do u know a way I can’t fix the animation bugging out without root motion?

It’s most likely because of the skeleton that it’s linked too. So the skeletal mesh is probably wrong?

Have you looked at some videos on youtube like these;

(UE4/UE5) Adding Root bones to Mixamo characters and adding NEW animations to the UE4 Mannequin!

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If you have an animation without root bone moving or you need to change it’s direction or need to offset it to world 0 try “RM Fix Tool” plugin for UE5