How to fix android config JDK thats missing

So it seems i cant launch a preview on none of 3 android devices i have.

******NOTE: This is a blank scene i am in with no starter content or code

All 3 devices can be found when plug in, but when i go to launch i get an unknown error, but after spending hours of other people results on the forum i realized i do not have the JDK option to plug in my path under Android Config.

~I downloaded UE4 from launch(NOTE: i even tried uninstalling and re installing and downgrading and upgrading no luck)
~UE4 4.12.4(Tested with 4.11.2)
~Android works is from the UE4 folder
~downloaded the JDK from oracle(Preview kept saying i need to download this to preview even with AndroidWorks)


  • Are you able to package for Android?
  • Have you installed all of the Tools and APIs for Android through the SDK Manager?
  • Did you upgrade to CodeWorks?

If you have attempted to package and it has failed, could you please upload the error output logs for review?

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks!

You should get the android sdk if you haven’t yet

Hey CyberblastSoft,

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