How to fix AI Controller unresolved Symbol error?

I’m getting an error when compiling/building the .cpp and .h files derived the from the AI Controller Class. I have no idea how to fix this LNK 2001 errors.
I already referenced the AIModule in the Build.cs file.

Is there anything in particular I should be putting inside the cpp and h files?

Here are the errors.

Post the code from the class, linker errors can be too vague at times.

There’s nothing in them currently. Am I supposed to add something like

UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, Category = "Default")
void ActorsPerceptionUpdated(class TArray<class AActor *,class FDefaultAllocator> const &)

in the .h file?

I can’t see what’s missing otherwise, it’s fine if they’re empty. Share the .h, .cpp, and build.cs.

As for having to add any methods you shouldn’t. AAIController isn’t abstract, so it can’t have any pure virtual methods. Any pure virtual methods that might be inherited higher up will be covered by AAIController

Edit, nevermind. Fixed it… I needed to add the AIModule in the plugin’s .cs file